Connect Lunch

Connect lunches are held once a month and are a great opportunity for new people to get to meet our leadership team at New Beginnings. We provide a free lunch for you and your family and take time to share about our ministries, as well as our heart and vision at New Beginnings.

Next Steps Class

NEXT STEPS is a three-hour class, held on a Saturday morning that will prepare you to become a New Beginnings Church partner.

Who is the NEXT STEPS For?

The NEXT STEPS class is for New Believers and those who are New to our fellowship and would like to make New Beginnings their church home.

What exactly is a New Beginnings Partner?

A New Beginnings “Partner” is a Christ follower who has decided that they want to settle in and attach themselves to the work that we are doing at New Beginnings. This requires commitment and a willingness to learn and grow! The NEXT STEPS class would be your “next step”!

Is NEXT STEPS a membership class?

No. At New Beginnings, we don’t believe in traditional “church membership”. We believe that all Christians are already members of the body of Christ. But, we do want you to become a “Partner” with us.

What will I learn in this class?

You will learn who we are and what our vision is, discover your own unique gifts by taking the Uniquely You gift & profile and inventory, and finally, you will step into a New Beginnings ministry, if that’s your desire!

NEXT STEPS class will be offered
several times throughout the year.

If you are interested please call or email us!


Why is it important to serve? First, it begins to create a servants heart, which is what drives New Beginnings church! Second, it’s the fastest way to begin building relationships with some incredible people! And, third it creates an immediate sense of responsibility for our Church family. We look forward to hearing your heart to help you find your place with us!

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